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Fingerbot Switch Button Pusher

Fingerbot Switch Button Pusher

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Introducing the Tuya Zigbee Fingerbot Plus – Your Gateway to Ultimate Smart Home Convenience!

Upgrade your home automation game with the Tuya Zigbee Fingerbot Plus, the ingenious smart finger that effortlessly transforms your regular switches into intelligent, voice-controlled wonders! This sleek and compact device is designed to seamlessly integrate with your Zigbee gateway, Alexa, Google Home, and more, providing you with a whole new level of control and convenience.

Key Features:

Smart Automation: Revolutionize the way you interact with your switches. The Fingerbot Plus empowers you to control any switch with a simple push, transforming ordinary appliances into smart, automated devices.

Zigbee Connectivity: With Zigbee technology, enjoy a reliable and secure connection between your Fingerbot Plus and other smart devices in your home. This ensures a seamless and responsive smart home experience.

Voice Control: Effortlessly control your devices using just your voice. Compatible with popular voice assistants like Alexa and Google Home, the Fingerbot Plus lets you turn on/off lights, fans, and more with a simple vocal command.

Timer Functionality: Schedule your devices to operate at specific times. Set up timers for lights, coffee makers, or any other switch-controlled appliance, adding an extra layer of convenience to your daily routine.

Compact Design: The Fingerbot Plus boasts a sleek and compact design, ensuring it discreetly blends into your home decor. Its unobtrusive appearance hides a powerful smart home tool.

Easy Installation: Installing the Fingerbot Plus is a breeze. Simply attach it to your existing switch, and you're ready to experience the magic of smart home automation.

Upgrade your home to a new era of smart living with the Tuya Zigbee Fingerbot Plus. Say goodbye to the limitations of traditional switches and hello to the freedom and flexibility of intelligent control. Transform your space effortlessly, and embrace the future of home automation today!
Product Name
-Finger robot charging model
Product size
-thirty-four point five × thirty-four point five × 46.5mm
Product weight
Charging port
Battery type
-Rechargeable lithium battery
Operating temperature
-10 ° C-45 ° C
Product torque
Maximum movement distance
Wireless Protocol
-Bluetooth 5.2
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