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Fingerprint Door Lock

Fingerprint Door Lock

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Upgrade your home security with the cutting-edge Fingerprint Door Lock – your gateway to a new era of safety, convenience, and keyless peace of mind! This electronic digital lock, equipped with Tuya technology, revolutionizes the way you protect your home.

Key Features:
Fingerprint Access: Say goodbye to fumbling for keys! Unlock your door effortlessly with the touch of your fingerprint. Biometric technology ensures secure access, making every entry a breeze.

Tuya Smart Integration: Seamlessly connect to the Tuya Smart app, putting control at your fingertips. Monitor and manage your door lock remotely, providing an added layer of security and convenience.

Password Protection: Customize your security with a personalized password. The keyless entry system allows you to create unique access codes, ensuring only authorized individuals can enter your home.

Keyless Convenience: Embrace the freedom of keyless living. No more worries about lost keys or unauthorized duplicates. This smart door lock enhances your lifestyle with unmatched convenience.

Home Security Reinvented: Elevate your home security with a door handle that goes beyond the ordinary. The Biometric Fingerprint Smart Door Lock combines aesthetics with advanced technology for a stylish and secure entrance.

What does it solve?
Key Hassles: Tired of carrying keys? This smart door lock eliminates the need for physical keys, providing a hassle-free and keyless entry experience.

Enhanced Security: Bolster your home security with biometric fingerprint recognition and customizable access codes. Rest easy knowing your home is protected with state-of-the-art technology.

Remote Control: Whether you're at work or on vacation, the Tuya Smart app keeps you in control. Monitor and manage your door lock from anywhere, adding an extra layer of security to your home.

Upgrade your home's security game with the Biometric Fingerprint Door Lock – where innovation meets peace of mind. Invest in a safer and more convenient lifestyle today!

Ways To Unlock: Mechanical Keys, Fingerprint, and Tuya App.


Multiple unlocking methods: Including fingerprint, anti-privacy virtual password, traditional mechanical spare key (including 2). One-touch fingerprint access, reads your fingerprint and unlocks your door. The fingerprint capacity is large, which can store 50 fingerprints. Convenient to store fingerprints of family members or close friends.

Smart Tuya APP: Easily realize the intelligent life of home interconnection. Real-time management, door opening record, checking door lock status (networking status, unlocking record, abnormal alarm, remote unlocking, power reminder) (optional).

USB charging port emergency and spare key: When the battery is seriously low or the battery is completely exhausted, you can use the spare key to open the door. With its own USB charging port, it can also temporarily supply power when connected to a mobile power bank.

 Adjustable volume: You can adjust the sound. 0 is silent, 1 is low volume, 2 is medium volume, and 3 is high volume. Silent mode won't bother you when you get home late at night. The door lock adopts a free handle design, which can prevent malicious violence from destroying the lock body and damage to the internal parts. The handle is interchangeable left and right. When entering the room, touch the password button to turn on the screen, which is practical and convenient. No wires and no professional required. It works on most doors that use a lever door lock and works with left and right handles.

 Anti-peeping design: The fake password anti-peeping design can enter garbled characters before and after the correct password. It will effectively protect the personal safety of you and your family. This door lock will provide you top-notch security, utilizing semiconductor and biometric technology to avoid identical fingerprints. Ergonomic design allows you to quickly unlock within 0.3 seconds, just put your fingerprint on the door. It will automatically lock for you. Indoor installation can be the second line of defense for the home. Installed in offices and factories, it is easier to control employee access and can replace traditional access control equipment.


Fingerprints: 50

Password: 100 groups (the first three are administrators)

Dimensions: 150x65x28mm/5.91x2.56x1.1in

Handle width: (about) 2.8cm/1.1in

Package size: 25.5x18x8cm/10.04x7.09x3.15in

Package weight: 0.88kg

Emergency keys: 2


Add fingerprints: (the first 3 fingerprint users are administrators, and the fourth and above fingerprints are ordinary users)

 Add a user for the first time: Press the setting button - the blue light flashes - press your finger 5 times until the green light is always on, indicating success, the entry is completed and the setting is automatically exited

 The second addition: press the setting button - the blue light flashes - verify the administrator once - the verification is successful, the blue light is always on - enter a new fingerprint and press the finger 5 times until the green light is always on, indicating success

Delete fingerprint: Press and hold the setting button for 9 seconds - the blue light flashes, and the red light flashes after 9 seconds, release the hand, and the green light appears, indicating that the factory reset is successful.


1 X Smart Door Lock Body

1 X Mounting Kit

2 X Keys

1 X Manual 

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