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Neck & Shoulder Massager

Neck & Shoulder Massager

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Introducing the revolutionary Massager – your ultimate solution for unparalleled relaxation and targeted pain relief. Crafted with precision and innovation, this Neck Chiropractic Massager is designed to elevate your well-being by combining advanced technology with the age-old art of Shiatsu massage.

Escape the stresses of modern life as the Massager envelops you in a soothing embrace, replicating the skilled hands of a professional masseuse. Its cutting-edge 5D kneading technology takes massage to a whole new dimension, ensuring a deeper and more authentic massage experience. Feel the tension melt away as the massager works its magic, providing relief to tight muscles and knots, particularly in the shoulder area.

Experience the therapeutic warmth with the built-in heating function that enhances the effectiveness of the massage, promoting increased blood circulation and soothing discomfort. The Heating Neck  feature is customizable, allowing you to adjust the intensity and heat to your liking, creating a personalized massage tailored to your specific needs.

Versatile and user-friendly, this shawl is designed to target not only your neck but also your shoulders, providing comprehensive relief for those who suffer from shoulder pain. The ergonomic design ensures a comfortable fit, making it perfect for use at home, in the office, or on the go. The portability of this massager allows you to carry relaxation wherever you need it.

Invest in your well-being and make the Massager a staple in your self-care routine. Say goodbye to daily stress and discomfort as you indulge in the rejuvenating embrace of this state-of-the-art massager. Elevate your relaxation experience, and let the power of 5D kneading and therapeutic heat transform your well-being. Don't miss out on the chance to bring the spa to your doorstep – order your Neck Chiropractic Massager today and embark on a journey to a more relaxed and revitalized you.

This product is exquisite, compact and light, and can be used in warm homes, cars and offices.


Material: Composite Material

Item Type: Massage & Relaxation

product weight: 1.25kg

Battery: 60-90 minutes

Rated voltage: 5V

Rated power: 26W

Battery capacity: 1800mAh

Body Massager: shoulder massager

Neck Massager: Cervical Spine Massage Shawl Electric Cervical Massager Neck Massager Neck Protector Shoulder Neck Trapezius Muscle Massager Shoulder Massager Neck and Shoulder Massager Neck Massage Instrument massage shiatsu massager

Product description: The cervical spine has 3 levels

The first gear is weak and mild,The second level is strong, like kneading and massaging by human hands, suitable for girls.The third level of massage is more intense, suitable for shoulder fatigue or shoulder pain caused by long-term computer use, and is used to prevent frozen shoulder

The cycle button has two levels. The first level is external expansion: suitable for soothing the neck skin and relieving fatigue. The second level is inward circulation: suitable for relieving cervical pain.


Heating button:

Level 1: A little red light, red light therapy without heat

Second level: You can clearly see the red light, and it feels like a warm towel when you put it on your neck. You will feel warm with use, but the temperature will not cause excessive heating and cause skin burns. It is a relatively mild warmth.

 Package included

1* Neck massage shawl

1*type-c data charging cable

1*packing box


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